Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ok, i am finally bugged enough by people telling me to update my blog. but i am gonna have to be brief because it has been a LONG time! And  alot of things have happened! So here is a nice long post with random pictures in no particular order. sorry it will be so scatter brained but at least its updated!

Jason came home from Tennesse! Oh what a wonderful day this was! I was afrai he would change so much, but other than the him becoming more spiritual and his slight loss of hair, he is the same! And i love him!

Here was what i looked like for my second high school dance, i asked Chandler Willman. The theme was "overboard" and our shirts were so cute!!

Sadies was so much fun with Chandler!!

I know these pics are out of order, but this is how i asked Jeff Hardison to my first high school dance, Winter Formal. That snowman is a cake! My best friends, Ashlie and Makaelee helped :)

For our Winter Formal day activity we went and plyed in the snow. This was such a cute little place to take a picture! 

Jeffy and I!

This is me on my 16th birthday! That day was amazing! i did throw up a couple times that morning but i wasn't actually sick, it was just cause i took some ibuprofen for my headache on an empty stomache. Anyway, my sister Karen gave me a beautiful new hair-do and front bangs! Then we went to Mac makeup and i got this makeover! Then i got a darling new purse! That evening, i had all of my friends come over for a bonfire which was a blast!
My best friends waking me up singing with cameras and food on my birthday morning :)

This was a long time ago, but i just had to say that i flew a plane! It was so cool! I flew over fountain hills and did a couple air-dive things! Sorry it made you sick Justin!

Well that was all very out of order and a lot of other things have happened in my busy teenager life but must get ready for a party for Brent. Happy birthday brenty! (at least a couple days ago)