Saturday, May 22, 2010

R.I.P. Tofer

Meet Tofer. Ya, that ugly bone (trying to be a 6th toe or something). He used to hurt when I wore shoes. I hated him. Therefore, i got him removed! And now i have a little screw in my foot :)
Hospital gowns are cute.

I have such nice friends! They visit me, and support me, and bring me things when i get little surgeries done!

Jacob brought me a cd, some flowers he grew himself, peaches from his tree, and a note. He also delivered chocolate and a note from his dear mother. :)
These four (Tanner, Leah, TJ, and Skyler) stuck with me all night long watching Big Fish. Good movie. Great friends!! (and family)
Jessica and Kimee brought me goodies and company :)
So although i may be in pain right now and for a couple more days, i am grateful to have Tofer off. He was ugly and painful himself. And i am grateful to Karen for painting my toenails to hopefully make the doctor happy. I definitely trust that doctor and all those nurses with my life. It was my first surgery ever, and it was a good experience, thanks to them! I love life and my friends and my family!

Broadway Revue Love

I am soo grateful for my supportive friends and family! They make an effort to come to my little choir Broadway Revue. (Which is actually a huge deal to me cause i'm obsessed with performing in it). Sadly, i have no available pictures of me in my other outfit for Sister Act. But this was my Lion King One! I LOVE performing! I always seem to forget how much i love it until i do it again. Only sad thing is that this is my last performance in premiere, and with my senior friends, who will be graduating in a few short days :( But i try not to think about them leaving me yet. Cause i'm happy and i love performing!

Natural Bridge. Natural Friends.

This was supposed to be a late prom day activity but Sydnee couldn't make it. So sad. But we went anyway! Tanner, Jacob and I! It might have been one of the most fun days ever in my life! I love these boys! We spent the day at and in the small town around Natural Bridge. We walked aurond the town, bought fudge, went to a thrift store, went on a nature walk to the beautiful cave bridge, just had fun! No matter what we do, it's fun! Even if we are just laying on a blanket under some trees :)


Jacob loves his doggie books.
Self timer self timer! I sit on invisible chairs?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Prom was the same day as that photoshoot, so it was a very busy, but VERY wonderful day!
Here are my favorite pictures from the night:

Recognize these people?
Sydona. Re-united.
Please tell me you can tell what we're spelling.

Gorgeous corsage!
Mother told us to hold hands. Thank goodness she did because i love this picture.
Dance in the sunset.

Prom was simply amazing! It felt like the night went so fast because i was constantly having fun! Jacob was the best and most gentlemanly date. From opening the door to keeping my lipstick in his pocket for touch-ups for pictures :)
Special thanks to my hairdresser/makeup artist Karen. Love you sis!


America's Next Top Model, here I come.
Bahah, not. it was fun to pretend though!
Here's the deal: my dear friend, Makaelee (see below) has a professional photographer for an aunt. The aunt is Lindsay. Look her up!
So.. Lindsay wanted to do a marionette photoshoot. You know, like the puppets!
That's why i posed so weird in the picture above. Because when she edits and does those amazing things, there will be string on my wrists!
Lindsay is amazing!
My friends are amazing!
This photoshoot might have been one of the most fun things in my life!

Makaelee is a natural model.
check out their eyes.