Saturday, February 23, 2008

Me and Ash

Need i say anything? Girls just wanna have fun!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Whats been happening

Funny how i haven't updated my blog in over a month right? Well ever since Shauna and her boys left, life really has been pretty dull. I don't have much pictures either so here goes nothin.
(this is no particular order)

Our little family and my dad's work friend's family went on a shooting trip in the mountains one Saturday. I was pretty proud of myself for hitting three out of ten clay pigeons in the air. Until Cole got up there for his first time ever and hit his first four and about three more out of about ten. Then i felt a little pathetic but hey, i am a girl.

Here is a great story. Skyler, Kimee, and I went to a Hannah Montana concert, but didn't have tickets. We just wanted to see if we could see her or her guest stars Aly and AJ. By the way, we hate Hanna but like Aly and Aj. Anyways, we were walking around and saw John Jay from 104.7 Kiss FM, John Jay and Rich. We were just talking to him and he asked if we had tickets. We told him we didn't and he took out three tickets and just gave them to us! These were 60 dollar tickets! So we went. (It was my first concert). It was way fun even though we hate Hannah Montana. John Jay is the man.

Ashlie and I were just having fun on her cool computer thing! It's pretty creepy

GIRLS NIGHT! I have the best friends ever and we had a way fun girls night one weekend. We dressed up all cute and went to the Cheesecake Factory (which i strongly recommend). Even though it was an hour and a half wait it was worth it and we had fun with the waiter, we even made up a song for him. I love my friends!
Hope you enjoyed the post! maybe i will update more. Or at least start taking pictures.