Tuesday, January 8, 2008

They're gone...

Well the time has come and now they are gone. My sister Shauna and her boys are gone. This morning i didn't even want to get out of my bed cause i had no reason to. What am i gonna do with out hugs and smiles from my boys every morning and when i get home from school? And how will i know what outfit to wear and what looks good with out Shauna. I am gonna miss them so much. I don't know why, but this is so hard for our family. I am gonna miss Shauna being here to take a bunch of pictures with me and play settlers and listen to all my girl drama. And Owen won't be here to dance with me anymore or say "Hey, you want a punch in the face?!" And Of course Drew's cheesy smiles and how he always nods yes no matter what question you ask him. Or how he will do anything to get candy. I have had some good times with them. But on the bright side, we have webcam and can talk to them on the phone too! And it's not like they are dead or anything, just gone for a while. Sorry this is a bunch of pictures but believe, there could bo so much more.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's been a while...

Well you know how the holidays make everyday busier. Updating my blog has not been at the top of the list. So here goes a giant post.

I was wondering what stringing popcorn was like and thought i would give it a try. It took about an hour and a half to make a string that went once around the tree. But it was still fun!

Me and my cousins Leah and Kristen at our annual Christmas eve party! We had lots of fun, you can probably tell.

Well surprisingly, i don't have any pictures for Christmas day! But rest assured that it was a fantastic day filled with cute and fun presents, delicious food and candy, and lots of fun family time!

Yes, what you see is shredded paper EVERYWHERE in my room! This was my "birthday present" from a couple of my friends. It was crazy and took a long time to clean up.
Luckily Drew was there to help me!
On New years day, My family rented a room out at Bounce U and i got to bring some friends. It is such a fun place! I want to have a huge party there someday! Here is us on a really crazy spider web thing that we were on most of the time.

New year's Eve party at my house! WOO! My family has a tradition of burning our Christmas tree and blowing up gingerbread houses on this wonderful eve. some friends came to join in on the fun!