Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last weekend was filled with so much JAZZ and DANCING and FUN!

The jazz part was Jazz Mad up in Flagstaff with our jazz choirs. I love jazz and I don't care who hates it. We performed, laughed, ate, and bonded! All very good things! I don't know how i will survive without Encore after I graduate.

Schreiber (most amazing devoted choir teacher ever) with four of his encore girls!
Sarah, Lindsey, Me, and Alex :)

Sadies=Incredible! I always secretly wanted to ask Joey to Sadies even when I barely knew him as a sophomore and I am SO HAPPY I did this year! This guy is the epitome of a perfect date. Courteous, respectful, easygoing, and FUN! We were Indians.
You better believe it we danced like Indians. We hid our shoes under the bleachers and ran around like crazy! (literally. around the crowd in the dance floor). This is in close running with being a Tiger. Hm.. what's more fun: crawling and pouncing or shooting invisible bows and dancing around imaginary fires? I can't decide myself. I'm not sure how everyone else at the dance felt about us but all i know is that I had genuine fun! We both got blisters and we're proud of them.

The only sad thing in my life right now is that we forgot to plant sweet peas in time for spring this year :( That means no walking back and forth between the orange blossoms and sweet peas in the yard. I'll have to steal my grandmother's. :)

Today was overcast. I can't stop my emotions from being happy on an overcast day. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

LOVE is in the Air

Since this is the month of LOVE,
let's LOVE some things.

Some LOVEs in my life that are not pictured are these:
  • I LOVE where I work, because i see someone I know everytime I work, without fail. To expound on that, I especially LOVE when people visit me.
  • I LOVE fast Sundays, and devoted Sunday School teachers
  • I LOVE interactive group games (like from last night's super amazing day activity)
Now, the pictures.
Beginning with these two LOVEbirds. Congratulations To my dear broseph, Jason, and future sissy, Candace, for their engagement! True LOVE.

And what better way to welcome her into the family than to hide in the creepy crevice above the garage door before family dinner! Welcome Candace! Brotherly-sisterly LOVE.

Cousin LOVE is quite strong as well. This at the wedding of their sister, Katie, who (whaddya know) is in LOVE with her husband!

Primary colors hand holding LOVE. On a LOVEly fun date with Adam!

LOVE for my dear Burt who is officially up and running!!! No one will ever LOVE Burt the Champ like I do.
And soon, he'll have windows that roll down, working AC, and a radio! I LOVE him.

LOVE between Cole and our frozen trampoline. Which leads to my LOVE for cold weather and warm jackets.

I LOVE that i asked this boy, Joey, to Sadies, and that we had the greatest time ever on our day activity yesterday! We concur that dates are more fun.. when you act like animals. There you have it, I LOVE being crazy and immature. I must while I can!

I LOVE that his parents answered for him while we were on the day activity, and that this is how it was done.