Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elder Martindale

So my brother Jason has been on a mission since January and i need to do a little tibute to him. His original location is Tennesse but he is in Kentucky right now. He is doing great, i am so proud of him and i know i am getting blessings. I bet he is the friendliest and funniest missionary out there!

Can you tell how beautiful he thinks he is?
This may look scary...but his camera can adjust to make him look like his. he lied to us at first and told us he wiped his face with poison ivy. good one huh? NOT. actually kind of.
He says the people think they are in a drought when this is one of the many lakes there. They should try living here for a week, they would probably die.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pictures with friends!

I just love taking pictures with my friends! We hung out Saturday. It was with Skyler, Kimee, Ashlie, Lindsay, and me! It was so fun! I love my friends!

Can you tell it's a star?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Freshman baby!

First day of school! I am a freshman! The first day was pretty good and i am not complaining to much...yet. I have to say, it is exciting but i am gonna miss the summer big time! I was so sad thinking about it last night. Here are some things i will really miss:
  • Staying up late and sleeping in
  • Not having to get ready every day
  • No thinking to hard about anything
  • Seeing my brother, Derek, almost every morning when he visits from work
  • And shopping all the time for school clothes!
Cole, all ready and in uniform, for his special advanced school and me in the morning!
Aw... Cole and me

So many new babies!

Oh my gosh! iam just so happy!!! All my sisters and my sister-in-law are pregnant! So Tami and Karen have been pregnant for a while and are due in September, but i recently found out that Shauna and Errin are pregnant and due in March! Four new babies for our family! I go from 10 nieces and nephews to 14! We know Karen is having a girl and Tami is having a boy which i am so happy about, and i personally think Errin will have a girl and Shauna will have a boy! OH and this is Errin's first baby so i am super excited for her! I love nieces and nephews so much!!

Good bye wall

So when we first built this house the wall wasn't there between the main basemen room and my old room. But when my mom had more kids, my dad put it in. And now that pretty much everyone is all moved out we knocked it back down!


Finshed product!

I thinks it is so crazy having that big of a room cause i don't remember it but i love the space so much!!! I don't really know what we are going to do with it but i hope it's something cool!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

picture time!

So my friend Ashlie Porter has this really cool camera thing on her computer and we love to take pictures on it! We hung out last night ant took these ones.

What a cute black and white picture! In order from Left to right, their names are Whitney Slade, Ashlie Porter, Emily Clifford, Kimee Quent, and me.

I wish our computer could do all that!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Seven Random Things

1- I HATE pickles
2- Half of my toenail is missing due to the pioneer trek I went on earlier this summer
3- I can’t help it but every time I see my toothbrush, I have to brush my teeth. Maybe it’s because my braces are off.
4- My ipod’s name is Alice and it is a she, not an “it”. My whole family knows that.
5- I quit piano lessons about two years ago, but I still love to play it for fun
6- My fingernails are metallic magenta right now!
7- I love mechanical pencils and can't stand normal ones