Monday, August 8, 2011

An Uplifting Website :)

I just found a website that straight up makes me feel good! And it makes me think about life.

A taste of a few of my favorites!

-Today, a young teenage boy was in line in front of me at Target. He used a gift card to buy two video games. The cashier, an older woman probably in her late 60’s, rang him up and informed him that he had $12 remaining on his gift card. “Oh, wait then,” he said as he ran two isles over and grabbed a $10 bouquet of flowers. As the cashier added the flowers to his order the boy handed them to her and said, “These are for you.” The cashier could not wipe the smile off her face, even after he left. MMT

-Today, as we were slowing down at a red light, my father scolded me for not having my seat belt on. No more than a second after the clicking sound of me buckling my seat belt, our small car was clipped from behind by a pick-up truck, spinning us 180 degrees in the middle of the street. Because we both had our seat belts on, and the fact that the impact came from behind, my father and I walked away with minor injuries. MMT

-Today, my grandfather used 25 different coupons at the grocery store. Then he gave the money he saved to the bag boy as a tip. He does this almost every Sunday because he says he “likes to see people smile.” MMT

-Today, I have been a firefighter for 24 years. Back in 1992, the local newspapers and news channels called me a hero and interviewed me a few times after I carried 19 retirees, one at a time, out of a burning luxury retirement condo. I was off-duty at the time and just happened to be visiting my grandmother who lived across the street. This evening I was contacted by a trust attorney representing one of the retirees who I helped that day. She passed away yesterday, and in her will she left me 25% of her estate – roughly $800,000. MMT

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Future Love

NO I do not plan on getting married anytime soon.
But YES i like to dream about the future :)
I hope it's something like this..

And YES maybe I'll actually blog update my life sometime soon. This amazing video can suffice for now.