Monday, October 19, 2009


Nahh, we stayed at a lodge. But truthfully, I would rather have slept in a tent! Not only the fact that I like the whole experience of camping in a tent, but the lodge was just not my fav!
On the bright side, I just realized two good things that i LOVE!
The sky, and fall.
Not that I have any pics of the sky put I have just been noticing. How is it the most perfect shade of blue always? Well, the shade is never the same. It could be a pure, bright blue contrasting the sun at noon or a gorgeous, navy blue in the evening. But whatever shade, it is just perfect. The way Heavenly Father created this earth is perfect!
Fall! I keep forgetting that other places in the world actually have seasons! I love Mesa and wanna live here forever but it's nice to travel and see the dang beautiful fall colors! Auburn leaves shimmering down from trees.. soo beautiful.
Ok, time for some pictures!

I love my mother! I love yellow trees!

Pictures to do with the lodge will be in black & white for a reason: this place is just a few generations behind! And black and white is cute :)

Hannagan Meadows Lodge

The lodge had a tiny restaurant. I sang with the tiny band for fun!

A cat? Yes, it lives and sheds all over the lodge! eww

I never realized I should appreciate our cemetery! But we have got a good one! This "cemetery" made me want to cry a river, which would help the landscaping anyway.

Dad loves his portable grill! And so do I if it provides me with delish fajitas at a random park in the middle of a roadtrip!

For anyone who doesn't like mini vans because they aren't cool, I beg to differ! Cause I was cozy in mine!

Best picture for last!
We stopped by some mining place and saw this!
You have no idea how bad I wanted to climb in it.
Biggest dang tractor I've seen in my LIFE!

I really had a super great time, despite what I say about the lodgy poo. I just love my family soo much, even though this was with a small portion of my big family :). And i love that my dad loves to drive and stop at beautiful or historical places just for fun! And i love that we went on this trip! Family forever! <3

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Break


Monday wasn't my favorite day because i spent all of it writing a resume (which is so much harder than it should be) and searching for a job. bleh, it drained my energy. But i really want a job so if anyone has suggestions or connections for a teenager to get her first job, please tell :)

Tuesday, however was AMAZING! My dear friend, Tanner, invited me and two others to go spend a day in beautiful Sedona. I never knew i could see such gorgeous fall colors in Arizona! These pictures do zero justice to how beautiful the nature was everywhere. Us four had just the GRANDEST time!

Our first rest stop. Such a happy group!

Our band picture. Sydona.

i LOVE Sydnee!!

I LOVE Tanner!!

i LOVE Jacob!!

If anyone has a free day, please spend it in Sedona. And invite me :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Here Goes..

Welcome. Welcome back to my blog. It has now, officially re-begun. There are wayy to many things to get caught up on since last time, including my crazy-busy but amazing summer. So i will settle with these four pictures.

First day of school, and pretending to be happy about it.
Little Coley shmoley is growing up and going to Stapley Junior High now! Girls, please stay away until he is 22, thank you.

Choir is my life. I like to pretend i am hard-core. But really i love it soo much!

My beautiful best friends and I at Homecoming!

My super fun date, Cody, and I! We match dang good.
My tights and his shirt are navy blue if you couldn't tell.
Welp, stay tuned, because i am back into the blogging world!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ok, i am finally bugged enough by people telling me to update my blog. but i am gonna have to be brief because it has been a LONG time! And  alot of things have happened! So here is a nice long post with random pictures in no particular order. sorry it will be so scatter brained but at least its updated!

Jason came home from Tennesse! Oh what a wonderful day this was! I was afrai he would change so much, but other than the him becoming more spiritual and his slight loss of hair, he is the same! And i love him!

Here was what i looked like for my second high school dance, i asked Chandler Willman. The theme was "overboard" and our shirts were so cute!!

Sadies was so much fun with Chandler!!

I know these pics are out of order, but this is how i asked Jeff Hardison to my first high school dance, Winter Formal. That snowman is a cake! My best friends, Ashlie and Makaelee helped :)

For our Winter Formal day activity we went and plyed in the snow. This was such a cute little place to take a picture! 

Jeffy and I!

This is me on my 16th birthday! That day was amazing! i did throw up a couple times that morning but i wasn't actually sick, it was just cause i took some ibuprofen for my headache on an empty stomache. Anyway, my sister Karen gave me a beautiful new hair-do and front bangs! Then we went to Mac makeup and i got this makeover! Then i got a darling new purse! That evening, i had all of my friends come over for a bonfire which was a blast!
My best friends waking me up singing with cameras and food on my birthday morning :)

This was a long time ago, but i just had to say that i flew a plane! It was so cool! I flew over fountain hills and did a couple air-dive things! Sorry it made you sick Justin!

Well that was all very out of order and a lot of other things have happened in my busy teenager life but must get ready for a party for Brent. Happy birthday brenty! (at least a couple days ago)