Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mexican Spring Break

Well i know it has been forever since spring break but better late than never! we will start out this lovely post with some posing on the beach with the beautiful sunset. sorry i don't have a lot of time for an organized post so this might skip around but it has a lot of pics and i will explain them the trip was amazing and fun!
Me, and my cousins Mckenna and Kristen

Us again. if you can't tell, this is our home made kite out of paper bags and nothing else. it was a very windy and boring day so we got creative!

My brother down there is the young men's president so he invited me and my friends and cousins to go to this stake dance! it was so fun! better than stake dances here i can tell you that. i went crazy!

This was the morning before we left we had to take one last picture.
me, Kristen, Mckenna, Nate (poor boy brokw his arm a while ago), Cole

On the way back, we had a wonderful wait of three and a half hours at the border! It was miserable!! So we took pictures!

Now we are skipping of to cross the border by walking and play a nice board game at the first gas station in America until me dad and uncle came through. It was fun.

Kristen, me, and Alijandro. He came her every day by our condos and sold amazing food and fresh fruit and stuff!

My friends, cousins, and me by the pool. Don't mind my eyes shut.

Baby Jones! I was so happy I got to see him and he is really darling! They had his blessing at his house for fear of taking him to church.

Someone found a dead puffer fish and my mom wanted me to be in the picture but it smelled so bad i had to get behind the glass. But it was way cool.

This is my favorite tree that I spent a lot of time reading and just sitting in when I was bored. And Tanner as with me right now. I know I look weird.

At the market. I just bought that necklace. The lady that worked there arranged us just perfect for the picture.

Now here is my momma and me at a different store in the market.

Snorkeling! This wasn't the best I have been, it was freezing, but i went in for a while and saw some cool fish and sting rays.

Nate found a seahorse and it was so cool! Seahorses are cute.

Here is the huge field by our condos that we played capture the flag in every day with a bunch of people!

Me and Kristen were just inseparable!

Some lady found this huge, live, colorful starfish! It was amazing!
Well, i think you are sick of this post now so I will stop with the pictures even though there were much more. Overall, it was a fantastic trip!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My new babies!

Well, of course, they are not my babies, they are my niece and nephew! And i haven't even met them yet, very sadly. Errin, my sister -in-law, had her first baby. His name is Jones! He is so cute! He is about two weeks old now and i get to go to Mexico and visit him for spring break! Also, on Wednesday, my sister, Shauna had her third baby. Sally! She is also so darling! But i won't get to see her for a while because she is in North Carolina. But i can already tell i am going to love both of them so much! I love my big family! Now i have a total of 13 nieces and nephews!

baby Jones when he is a week old

newborn darling Sally