Friday, September 10, 2010

Mighty Winds

Blew our beloved tree down. Now it's so barren. Well, not yet, because it takes forever to cut up and stuff. But i sure miss it. That storm was amazing though!

Homecoming 2010

This is the boy who asked me! Curtis is his name. (pic is from a date during the summer)
Like this!

What's Been Up

First day of school. Tiring day but much better than I expected!
I absolutely love being a senior!
I love my classes and teachers too!
Oh and, going off campus for lunch. :)
Youth Conference! It was the first weekend of school. A huge success! My friend Jacob taught me swing dancing!

Just got back from an amazing labor day weekend in Cali with Errin AND Shauna plus their families! LOVED it! Thank goodness for relatives living there, and the marines, for stationing them there.

So everything has been wonderful. And i got front bangs today! I love them.