Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Favorite Color!

I got yellow Vans! Just thought i would let you guys know.. I love them!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Musical Theater Workshop!

The week right after EFY i went to musical theater workshop for two weeks. It was amazing as usual! I loved the music and the people! I love MCC!!

Here are some performing pictures.

Here is what went on back stage in the green room.
Calliandra and me!

Me with Alison and Calli

Emma, Me, Calli, Bailey, Alison

Calli and I again!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Steady & Sure EFY!

My first summer activity was EFY! Like every year, it was AMAZING! So spiritual, so crazy, so fun! It's a place where i can be as crazy as i want and not even care! Mu roommate was great and we had so much fun! I am so happy i went and can't wait to go next year! Now brace yourself for a lot of pictures!

Meet the group! It's huge, i can only name half of it sadly. But it was a way fun group of crazy funny kids!

Meet the counselors! Myles (Prince Eric at disneyworld believe it or not), Samantha, Reo, and Jordin. They were all great examples to me and wonderful counselors!

Now meet my roommate. Sky Dawg. We tend to creep people out. Just kidding we are just weird which is fine for EFY!

Hm.. don't know his name. He wasn't even in my group i just took a picture with him, ok?

These are the people from Mesa! Represent!

This is Michael, Weston, and Zack with me!

Me and Ashlie! She was my roommate last year and luckily her and Savannah we in the same building as Skyler and I.

Sometimes i got the privilege of escorting John around. He had about ten percent vision and he used it to his advantage to get the ladies! He always needed girls to escort him and help him with this and that , he is so funny! Anyways, my friends loved following us and taking pictures. haha

Jason's old girlfriend, Alisha (middle), lives in Utah and brought sonic to me and Sky for free time once! She is so nice and fun!

Jordan, Skyler, and me. I just met these boys in a class when there happened to be two empty spots next to me and Savannah!

The jumping picture! Me my best friends all at EFY! WE had take a jumping picture.

My friend Kimee met this boy at EFY las year and we recognized him from her pictures and made friends with him! Chris, the nicest guy ever!

Jennifer and me, she was another girl from Mesa in our group.

Mikaela, crazy hilarious girl. She wore this pin of my little brother, Cole, all day long and told everyone it was her ten year old boy friend! It was so funny!

P.S. I finally flew on a plane there and back for my first time ever! Just me and Skyler, it was so fun and i love being above the fluffy clouds and eating peanuts!

Last Day of School

Now that all of my main summer activities are over i will start blogging again cause i was SO busy! But we are gonna start out all these posts with just a rememberance of good ol' Stapley Junior High which i will no longer be attending! I am now a sophomore at Mountain View! And i am so scared so wish my luck. I cried on the last day of school. I know i am pathetic, me and my friend Kimee were the only ones but it's ok cause we cried together!

Anyways conrgatulations to me and many of my friends who got 3.5 or higher GPA throughout the year!
I also got most improved in cross country! Let me tell you, cross country is NOT easy, i started out way behind everyone and ended up in the middle and still improving!
I also got most improved in track. I only ran the 800 (two laps) but i got second and third in every race except city race with a lot more people! Here is me and my crazy track friends.
My and my friends at the 9th grade dance! It was so fun and we got our yearbooks earlier than the rest of the school!And Makaelee and me just being creepy on the last day. Good bye Stapley!


Our chorus class went to Flagstaff for a friendly competition and i am very proud to say we got 99 out of 100! Superior! WE also stoped by the mall and went crazy!
Jessica, Alison, Tanel, and Me. To bad i am the only one with two stickers on my sunglasses.
Me and my bus partner, Marissa! She was great and we had so much fun on the way there and back! Aren't we attractive?
Alison me little 8th grade friend and me! She also did musical theater workshop with me as you will se in a different post.
Me with Tanel, Marissa, Alison, and Kendall is the boy in the back! As Shauna says, you gotta love those flowy sleeves on the choruse dresses!