Thursday, March 28, 2013


I could try to make this post concise and clever, but this blog is for journal purposes so here goes! I'm gonna let my heart out!

Marrying Jacob was definitely the best decision I ever made in my life. When we were engaged, I knew I loved him and that he would make me happy forever, but I didn't understand to the extent that I do now. And I know it will keep growing, because it already has so much!

Sometimes I don't even know what to do with myself I love him so much. Like the other day when Aunt Flo came to town when we were doing our taxes at MCC. He was perfect. I guess it doesn't sound that significant that he took care of me like I was a queen, but it just meant so much to me. I literally think I felt my heart swell when I was lying in the back of the car, just looking at his face. Driving me home safely and trying to avoid any bumps or sharp turns so I wouldn't be uncomfortable.

He always makes sure we say morning and evening prayers. He reads the scriptures every morning while I get ready for work. We haven't had an official family night yet. But the other night, when I woke up from a little nap he had been reading scriptures. And he told me that he needed to take responsibility for making sure we have family night. :)

We love real life. Our honeymoon was super great but we just like living life together! Being in our own tiny little home. Washing dishes, watching movies, and going on bike rides. Especially the bike rides :). One Saturday morning we were at his family's house and he took his old longboard out for a ride. Wish I'd seen it, but he longboarded back carrying a bike! Scored me a beautiful old 'un for $10. And he won't stop telling me how good I look riding it :). And now we usually take bikes every time we go to his house!

Gosh, I've been forming a blog post in my head for so many days and this is all it turned into. I guess I'll blog more often so that I can just get my good thoughts down as they come!

I can't wait til Jacob finished his persuasive speech for class on why everyone should get married. I'll use some of his words :)

It's just really fun!

P.s. Did I mention we were blessed with a blossoming orange tree in our front yard/alley?! Came home from our honeymoon to the best smell of my life 1 foot away from my front door.