Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elder Stradling

He leaves on his mission tomorrow! He is headed to the MTC to learn Russian for his Donetsk, Ukraine mission. I have complete confidence that he will bring so much joy and happiness to them over there! He will be an INCREDIBLE missionary!
As for me, i would prefer to never say goodbye again. never ever. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Facebooking and blogging about rain is so overrated. Everyone loves rain in Arizona, we know!
I'm overrated because I'm about to do so.

My rain is most enjoyable on the back porch swing.
My rain is the best with a backup soundtrack of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Try Me Bicycle, and Dan in Real Life Soundtrack.
My rain is the cleanest, most wonderful smell in the whole world.
My rain comes from the pale overcast sky.
My rain brings out complete happiness in me.
My rain helps me think my most contemplative thoughts.
My rain puts life into a whole new perspective.
My rain distracts me from every other responsibility or burden on my shoulders.
My rain inspires me to attempt poems on my blog.

I love my rain.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Happy Story

Starting with my front bangs. Which i love but wish i was better at keeping them up. This picture is from the day Karen cut em, with her magic touch. Excuse the cheesiness of it.
Homecoming was so fun! Curtis was a wonderful date! I made us matching lollipop corsage and boutineer cause the theme was "Candyland". Which is why i had to do that pose, to uh.. show it off. :)Karen is amazing at hair, once again!
Choir concert! I don't have a picture of my whole choirs. But we looked good! And hopefully sounded good! I love jazz!

Mmmm, jazz. That brings me to the next big exciting event. (The whole reason i felt like updating anyway). I made All-State Jazz!! Ya. I am real happy. So what if it is only 5th chair B choir? I thought I wouldn't make it at all! My choir wasn't required to try out for the first time ever this year, but i felt pressured into it anyway, and thought it was just a waste of money. However, I did practice a lot, and had a good audition! But i still thought I had no chance of making it, I was just glad I had a good audition. But the thought never even occured to me. But I did! And I am soooo excited! My friends that have done it before say that they love it! Tanner said it changed his life! I am very happy :) Can't wait to make new friends, learn new music, and have a new director!

A few more little happy things:
  • General Conference and our leaders are amazing.
  • It's fun to work at Nielsen's on Priesthood night. Turns out tradition requires all the girls (cause all the boys are at priesthood) to wear paper hats with our names and numbers on em. Pretty funny. It was so busy, but busy work is more fun than boring work!
  • Fruit and Veggie trays with dressings complete conference.
What a happy ending to a happy story.