Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crazy Summer

So i have not posted anything for a while and i would..if i had any pictures. I just got back from girls camp and i didn't bring a camera so i don't have any pictures until my leaders give me some! hm..what else is going on? i am just So excited for EFY!!!!! i am going to EFY next week and am prepareing for it. i have been looking forward to since pretty much last year. also, my watermelon is HUGE now! i want to pick it so bad but my mom won't let me yet cause it is the only one growing and we only have one chance. When i do pick it i am going to make one of those cool watermelon bowl things ya know from the picture. mine won't look that pretty though.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My watermelon

I love the satisfaction of growing your own food. We started a garden this year a while ago and i planted the watermelons and one is actually soming along! As of today, it is 14 inches across! It better be tasty, cause i love watermelon, especially in the summer!


So musical theater workshop is over. I am unbelievably sad about it! I have so many close friends there that i will miss so much and definetly want to hang out with them as much as a can. Over the school year, i forgot how much i loved workshop and performing and all of my friends there and now i am so sad that it is over, but it was SO FUN! I can't believe how sad i am that it is over! Here are just a few pictures from backstage.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good Burger!

So this is my favorite movie. I used to watch it at the Tates when i was little, but kinda forgot about it until Melia had it and we are both obsessed with it! It is so outrageous and hilarious. (if i even spelled those right.) Anyways, i had to say something about it cause it is the most going on in my life these days other than workshop which i will later do a post about when i have pcitures and stuff. But i love this movie so much!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Smelly House

So yesterday, something happened in the dishwasher where a spatula was on the heat thing in it or something. I don't really know what happened but our house smelled SO BAD! Haha, Cole invented the duck tape on the nose. It actually kinda worked! But now, when we open the dishwasher it still smells horrible. I hope i am not dishes on the chore chart today.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Proud of my Papa

I love how my dad makes the craziest things! His latest is a tent for the top of his jeep. He already made a platform thing a while ago so we could sleep up there at daddy- daughter,
but now he needs a tent in case it rains. While I am talking about this subject, i might as well show some other old good things he has made up. The first picture is Derek on the famous upside-down bike. And the second is me on the snow scooter he made up. I wish there were pictures of everything he made. I love my papa.

Pioneer Trek

This was probably one of the best experiences i have had in my life! I loved it so much. In the picture, i am cutting the pattern for a skirt i made for the trek. The blisters and sore legs were totally worth the spirit i felt there. Everybody that went cannot say they didn't like it. I will have chance to go on another one only if i want to when i am 18 and i definetly want to! I will get a cd with a bunch of pictures from this later and i will add them.


This was a while ago, but since i just started the blog and i have nothing else to put on, i am doing Kristen and I singing our duet. We sang a re arranged version of You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile from Annie. It was really cute. Kristen just did pigtails for fun, haha. Everybody told me they loved it though, and we were their favorite. yes!

Stay Productive

So, my mom is totally against Cole and me being lazy this summer. WE have chore chart where we either have to do dishes, empty the dish washer, or make dinner every day. I don't like it to much but i guess it will help me in the future. Also, every morning, Mom, Cole, and I (sometimes with Leah or the Bohns) go to Mountain View to play racquet ball, then do the ostacle course. The picture is me, Leah and Cole climbing the poles. And i did make it to the top, just not in the picture.

Tee Peed

Yes, i got tee peed.I look like i am crying in the first picture, but i was just rubbing my eyes because my mom just woke me up. So it was this kid's birthday, so my friends and i drew all over his driveway with chalk and shredded him. It wan't that bad, but he was having a sleepover with other guys and they used around 90 rolls of toilet paper to get us back! It was bad. It took the neighbors, my mom, my friend kimee, and me two hours to clean up! It was hard work. The guys thought it was hilarious. They even drove by a couple times to laugh at us. Dang boys...

Pearly Whites

No more braces Baby! This is right after i got them off and i had to take a picture. I had an early morning appointment so i didn't really get ready, as you can see. But my teeth are so slimy and smooth! i love it! My mom says i look like a whole different person, and i sure feel like one!I feel free after more than three years! The picture on the right is also right after i got them off.