Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tanner is The Man.

Congratulations Tanner on your JAPAN MISSION CALL! I get giddy thinking about it for you, i am super excited. I am proud of you for being worthy to serve a mission and you are wonderful and amazing! Get ready to be converted, Japanese people.
p.s. you should model.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Phases Happen

Phases of being obsessed with different music of course! I've gone through many types.. but nothing hits the spot like good ol' Saturday's Warrior. Ok, so the movie is incredibly awkward to watch.. but if you close your eyes, the songs are amazing! All the uplifting messages and happiness of Eternal Life! Anyway, that's my music phase right now.

Feel free to sing the tunes in your heads. You know you love them.

*We've got a father and mother, sister and brother, pullin' together we can WORK IT OUT!
*The circle of our love is more than just a rising sun that sets. The circle of our love it goes forever... The circle of our love extends beyond the reach of time. Beyond the span of days and years, it goes forever.
*We are not the ordinary, fearless and extraordinary. Workin' righteous Hari Kari, In our humble way!
*I'm sailin' on i'm not a stranger, my faith will ride through wind and tide and stormy sea, I'm sailin on out of the harbor.
*A nose is a nose like a rose is a rose, as everybody knows! But may we propose that the rosiest nose is the one that clearly shows!

I guess I'll stop now. Anyway, I love that music. No denying it. We have it on old cassette and I need in on CD for Slick Rick (my ipod).

Shout Out To My Dawg

The one and only!
We met under a rainbow..We share cousins..We played Russian orphans, Polly's, Beanie Babies, Barbies, Kee-Kar, walked on walls and anything else you could ever name as children..We were best friends since childhood, but had to get over the awkwardness of attending the same school in Junior High.. She was cool, I wasn't..We met in the middle and did things like prank call, dress up, go to Disneyland and croquet in Junior High..We had a wonderful year of EFY..We are now seniors in high school..we have some similar friends, and some different..We don't plan on going our separate ways after graduation..We have the same plans so far, infact!
That is just a short tiny history of our life together. We are like sisters. We get over things quick and although we don't hug or say "i love you" all the time like a normal pair of girlfriends, we are BEST FRIENDS.
I am happy she has always been there for me.
Like the time she called one late night and I was bawling because there was a scorpion in my room. Or the time she called me because she was bawling about the betrayal of a friend.
But especially what keeps us together is our standards. We know who we are and we have testimonies that strengthen, and keep us on common ground, because we have different opinions in just about everything else.
P.s. she drives me to school so that's cool and nice of her.


This tender post was inspired by her creating a blog. Check it out.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HOLLA for the Holidays!

Christmas at home with Shauna, Brent and their families in town. Then New Years in Cali with them! Here goes!

Gwen was my little baby on New Years Eve. She got lots of good candy from the pinata!

Christmas morning! Line up youngest to oldest!

I am now eighteen!!

Point Loma Lighthouse

Polar Bear Club! What better way to end 2010 and start 2011 than to jump in the ocean at midnight! It definitely made my list of Top 5 Most Exhilarating things I've ever done.

I love Drew, Drew loves baby swings.

My New Years kiss: a racket!


Bikes on the Beach :)

So ya, I loved the holidays. I loved the break from school. I loved all the time spent with my family! Looking through my facebook album of my senior year, I realized that my nieces and nephews ARE my senior year! And I am ok with that! I love them a whole lot :)