Friday, June 25, 2010

Never Again..

Will summer school plague my life. I'm DONE! It's ridiculous how happy it's making me.

Ken, Tori, Savannah, Jessika, Ian, Me and Cali!
We're happy because it's our last day of summer school lunch. And we love each other.
Max and Cali are cute when we carpool.
So is Gwen.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Phony Photos

I've finally discovered how to send pictures from my Phone to view on the computer! Oh technology these days! Anyway, i will now share some of my favorite phone pictures with YOU!

Last summer, Leah and I went to visit my cousins in Monticello, where we quaded every day! Just check out that gorgeous field and sky. Wish i had a real camera.

The little dooklet Jason, before he moved out with Derek (tear). I like to watch him sleep. Not really, i was just at his desk, on his computer. But he really is sleeping! Good balance, brother.

Max is so cute! He kept makin me take pictures of him. Seriously, what a stud. Any 5 yr old girls reading this, know that this one's a Jackpot.

This devilmanbug is soo creepy! Honestly, it gave me the shivers. I guess it's kind of cool that it's an opposite lady bug, but mostly i just wanted to cry looking at it! Don't lady bugs climb on your fingers if you put them in front of it? Not this one, i think he's possesed. Too bad he was trapped in the car with me all alone while mom was in the bank and i didn't wanna let him out cause i was saving him to show Cole!

I spent lots of time throughout my classes working on this countdown to summer. I didn't end up using it all the way cause i couldn't bring myself to cross out the pictures i had worked so hard on. My personal favorite is the middle row, on the left. bubbles! And no, that isn't a martini. It is an extra-virgin pina colada.
Too bad it's still not even real summer due to my 10 hour long summer school! Only 2 more weeks! I can hang in there!

Well, have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Really Gonna Miss Them

Jacob and Tanner



I'll miss many more graduates than these few, i just didn't get pictures with em all! Best of luck to them! Moving on and stuff..
Any advice on how to live up my senior year? I get nervous thinking about it!

Also, i'm aware that these pictures of me aren't winners. But my friends are :) awww