Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nielsen's Frozen Custard

You can find me there.

Monday, August 9, 2010

There Are Some Things I Don't Like.

Just to name a few:
  • Water damage on phones. Rice didn't work to fix it! It wasn't even soaked, just a couple of drops in the wrong place of my poor phone :( Goodbye Jill, and all the notes and calendar events i kept on you.
  • Getting lost. I have no sense of direction and it kills me! I just love taking an hour to get somewhere that should take 24 minutes according to mapquest. Especially when i'm missing out on my nephews and niece at home!
  • Having a cough for more than a week, then adding a runny nose to it.
  • Listening to my poor nephews throw up all the way home from Safford.
  • Throwing up myself the next day, all night long. I never knew what people meant when they said "I threw up all night". But now i do!
  • Receiving 3, yes, THREE coldsores from my sickness/stress whatever!
  • My old flip phone that i am now using that doesn't even have enough memory to hold 40 messages!
  • Mowing 6 inch long grass in the middle of the hot day. Ok, i should've just done that one earlier.
  • Having to start school in two days. I'm not ready!! I don't think I've ever been more nervous or stressed for a single school year.
So ya! I don't enjoy those things! And to top it all off, it was all last week when just my mom and I were home so we were supposed to have fun girl time all the time! Except that my poor attitude ruined it..
Now, i will list some happy things that have happened recently! I'm not depressed i promise
  • My mother and i did have a movie night Satuday, in which we watched Pride & Prejudice for our first time! We had to turn on captions to fully understand it but we loved it! Kierra Knightly is soo pretty! And i love how they dress in their flowy gowns and how they properly talk. But i could never talk like that today.
  • I went to the Randolph Training Center for a church activity yesterday (where they have old, disabled people). I love that place times one hundred. We sang songs with them and held their hands. Every special spirit there is Celestial, and it's a privilege to be around them. I thank Heavenly Father for letting them stay on earth this long to bless our lives. They are perfect.
  • I finished the book Mormon to Mafia. Wow it's motivating! Such a great conversion story!
Really I am happy! Life is good! Pa and Cole come back today, i've missed em!

Oh, and it's my beautiful baby Gwen's 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday Gwenifer!