Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ever Since Summer School Ended..

Life has been much happier. I'd even say it's been a splendid summer! Here's a list of the main events.

#1 I spent lots of fun time with this wonderful man Tanner before he shipped himself to dang BYU.
It's good that he's going to college but i miss him!

#2 My handsome nephew, Briant, got baptized!. I'm so proud of him! I love him a lot, no matter how hard it is for him to show that he loves me back (thanks to Cole for turning him against me).

#3 Lunt Family Reunion! Holla!
My cousin Taylor, and I hosted Minute to Win It the first night. I think it was a success!
I got to wake up to these precious babies every morning.
My dear sisters and I performed our own little sister act! (see lawrence welk show on snl). Errin made a wonderful Judeece!
We crowded on couches.
We hung out on the steps.
We made ice cream.
We had a Photo Booth! Shauna's idea. It was soo fun. Hang a sheet between some trees, put a prop basket nearby, and let the relatives go to town.

Here are some of me goin to town.
With my little Drew.
April, me, Taylor
The reunion was a huge success! SO fun! Not only did i get closer with my out-of-town cousins and such, but especially with my out-of-town siblings and nieces and nephews :)

#4 Jacob got his mission call! He's going to Ukraine and speaking Russian! He is so excited! I am so excited! And proud of him. He's gonna be amazing out there. I can tell because that's all he talks about now! Plus, he eats anything weird he can get his hands on for practice.

This picture is from the other day when we dressed up as a cowboy and cowgirl. Because it was cowboy day of course! We tried to go to the library (cause he wanted to look up Ukraine stuff of course) but it was closed. So we wandered Main street. And got stared at a lot. I think we look good.

#5 California!!
Seriously the best place to spend my summer. The weather was amazing.
The trees were amazing! Imagine having this in your front yard. I could fit five of me inside one root.
Jones is cute in his spiderman speedo.
Flying a kite on the beach is super great!
Pinkberry. Pinkberry! PINKBERRY!
It's heaven. This was my first time, and there's nothing like it.
Ice cream trucks are fun! And classy. They make me feel like a happy child. Even if the ice cream is 1/8 as good as pinkberry.

Sooo, that's been my summer! I love it! I don't wanna go back to school! Still nervous for senior year. Anyway, hope your summer has been just as great as mine!