Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Happenings

Yes, yes it's been wayy to long. But it's raining. I know rain is everyone's favorite smell. It's mine too. But it's even BETTER right now combined with our Christmas tree. Seriously, my two favorite smells in the world. So i'm happy. Rain inspires me to blog. So here are some wonderful things that have happened these days! (in no particular order).

Holiday Dinners. My last year (tear). My grandpa loves it so much, he is trying to recruit all my cousins to be in choir so he can go. This is us caroling while people walk out. I love choir.
fun. and Steal Train Concert! It was soo great and i loved the friends i was with that night! I like Nate Ruess's voice twelve times more than his personality. But Jack Antonoff is wonderful!
All-State Jazz! Seriously the highlight of my life! This man, Dave Filsinger, was our clinician. He is so incredible, we all bonded and grew together in just three days. And the concert was beautiful. Hearing the A choir sing The Star Spangled Banner made me tear up. We bought the cd :)
Winter formal with Jerod! We were close friends in ninth grade and we always wanted to go to a dance together, and now we have! It was terrific, and he is the perfect classy gentleman. I love resurrecting my sister's dress too.
I designed our encore shirts! Don't we look good? haha we are so nerdy. My whole school day is devoted to ending it with this class everyday.
A couple other happy things for my record:
  • Jacob is doing amazing on his mission and he is already going day speaking fluent Russian! His letters are so sincere and humble.
  • Errin is pregnant!! I want her to have a girl Jones soo bad!
  • The other night, the family was bickering, and i didn't feel the Christmas spirit so i made everyone hold hands and say things we loved about each other. then i was happy for at least the next 24 hours :)
Sooooo i'm happy!! The end