Monday, April 12, 2010

Too Happy

I am so happy today that it makes me nervous. But not really cause i am just happy! Here are the great things that happened.

1. I am understanding math pretty well right now! It is a big deal for me. I even have every problem but 1.5 of them done on my homework due TOMORROW! Yay! By the way, my amazing math teacher had a baby! Congrats Shwanny! I miss her, but the substitute is good.

2. Choirs. They are always a great part of my day though. I have a jazz concert tomorrow that Ifeel we aren't quite prepared for but it will still be super great! And I love singing Lion King in chorale. Solo try-outs were today, and i got to listen to everyone's beautiful voices!

3. I got accepted to be a TORO LINK leader for next year!! This was kind of always an ambition of mine. I am soo excited! It's already a great start to my future senior year! I can't wait to help all the little sophomores next year. And it'll look good on my resume :)

4. I got my Sadies group pictures finally! I love dance pictures soo much. And I love when Adam and I are tigers..

5. Tanner came to help me with math today, after a choir rehearsal and he brought a SAN FRAN shirt! Here is the explanation. My choirs have different teachers, and the different teachers go on different choir trips. Premiere was going to Disneyland. Chorale was going to San Fransisco and Skywalker studios! I didn't have a choice to go to San Fran, even though I was in that choir. I had to go with Premiere. Which, don't get me wrong.. Disneyland and that trip with those friends was sooo FUN! I just secretly wished i was in San Fran every once in a while. Anyway, Tanner is nice. I love my shirt. It's yellow. That's my favorite color.

6. I just got back from My grandpa's. My aunt saw him trying to pick the highest oranges in the trees and decided that would not do. So we had a joined family night to do yardwork for them! It felt great to do that service. "Work is easy if we share, work is easy if we care! Work is fun for everyone! We work together and get the job done!" That's my favorite song to sing while working.

7. The weather was beautiful this evening. The fresh air is such a great thing to breathe! I love when the light breeze has orange blossoms scent.

Well I will stop with those reasons. And get on to these pictures. Just some more random ones I thought i'd record. And share!

My official Winter formal picture. I love it a lot. Especially the boutineer and corsage. And Jacob's penny loafers.

This is from a long long time ago! And all of us aren't as great of friends this year. But I still love all these girls. And the random cat that wasn't even planned to walk in front of the picture. This was when Makaelee's (cute, blonde one third from the right) aunt took a fun photoshoot of us! She is so profesh. It was a blast!
Remember when i had long, blonde hair? Weird.

I love my brothers. I love making them match with me to church, especially on Valentine's Day.

I need money. Bad. This is desperate.
Haha, actually, Derek just knows a guy who actually makes a lot of money being a pooper scooper so i thought i'd give it a shot and designed this flyer! Any suggestions to change it? I haven't passed any out yet.. i am kind of afraid. I don't know why. Skeptical.

Once again, I love my brothers. Sorry, Brent (brother not pictured) for never being in the pictures. Especially because this is at your house. Just take naps with us next time! Or be in town to dress up on V-day! I love you equally as the others. Might as well shout out to my sisters now! Don't feel left out sissies! I love you too!

I LOVE when Jones puts his hand on my neck when i hold him. Such a reassuring feeling. He is so precious.

So.. that post wasn't organized either. Sorry! At least i'm blogging again! And lovin' it! I missed the blogging world!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Circle of Life

The title of the post is dedicated to my newfound obsession for Lion King music. I've known the music my whole life, but the past couple of weeks, i can't listen to anything but Lion King (the musical) music! My brothers might be just a tiny bit annoyed :) I am doing Lion King for Broadway review with my choir, chorale, which started this whole obsession. I want to see Lion King on Broadway soooo bad!

I am not about to say i have started blogging again, because that might not be true. But here's a scatterbrained post for now! It's been too long from the last post to focus on one thing so i've just taken some of my favorite pictures, and here ya go!

Choir Trip 2010: Disneyland!

I knew Errin had a pass, and lived a couple hours away, so i told her to meet up with us there! I loved seeing my baby Jones, and he loved me back! (After warming up to me a bit).

My beautiful friends Jessika B, Savannah, and Jessica W. We're in different choirs, hence, the different shirts. i love DISNEYLAND!
sidenote: yes, i did get asked to prom AT Disneyland! happy.

Medievil Times. Look it up when you are in California and GO to it! I love it!! This was my dear yellow knight.

JUST DANCE. It's probably my favorite wii game ever! Seriously, i just decided i'm going to play it after i'm done with this post. Dancing with me here are some of my premiere girls that i love!
premiere = my women's jazz choir from school

This beautiful picture is with Nicky! OH how i miss Nicky! I convinced my parents to let us host an Australian for 2 weeks during January (about 40 come, through my school), and it was soo worth it. Even ask mom and dad. I am 100% positive that i got the BEST Aussie (yes, she is my pet). We talked forever and bonded the very first night she arrived, and we were best friends from then on! We did a bunch of fun things including: ASU basketball game, snow trip for a day, getting our nails done and going on a shopping trip, going on a group date (I set her up with a boy she thought was super cute. also, she had never ever been on a date! crazy Aussies). And, she came to school with me for 2 days, and i was definitely more popular with adorable Nicky and her adorable accent around me :)
She had never heard of Mormons, so I got to talk a lot about my religion, and i loved how much she respected it. She came to church with me both Sundays, and she even came with me when i had a fireside and stake choir practice. Her last night, we took her to the temple, I hope she enjoyed it. Then later, I gave her a Book of Mormon, which i pray she is reading :)

This would be the coolest jumping high five picture ever!! It is from the good ol' Winter Formal day activity from forever ago. Winter Formal was soo fun! Jacob and I made our own corsage and boutineer out of fabric, and i must say, they looked dang good. I will put a Winter picture on later, cause i somehow forgot it in this batch. Anyway, it was a BLAST!

Once upon a time I was in a fashion show! Arizona Bridal baby. It was a super fun experience! I was a little bit sad that all I got out of it was a bag of candy, and a crazy hair-do, until i found out just the other day that it won my Prom date, Jacob (see above high five picture), a FREE tuxedo rental!!! I mean, what are the odds?! I invited him to come (which was before he even asked me to prom), and he just got called back saying he won the raffle! Man, we are gonna look good at Prom!

Sadies date: Adam. I love this boy and Sadies was soo fun! Here is the story. I wasn't planning on going to sadies because i didn't really ask anyone in time, and didn't wanna stress about it. But then, i found out that this kid's would-be date wouldn't be able to make it! So i gladly filled the position! The theme was safari. We aren't just freaks. Unless crawling around the dance floor instead of walking makes us so. Think whatever you want, it was a GOOD time!

The night before Sadies. We were on a super fun group date, and came to my house after dinner and Jesterz. Tanner (my date, above me with the glasses) and Adam (my Sadies date the following) were on the giant see-saw thing in my backyard. They were being, well, boys and going back and forth super high. Next thing you know, Adam toppled over and gouged his head.. It was bleeding a lot. It would have been terrible if it happened to someone other than Adam, but he totally made it funny. It was an exciting night. Ma doctored him up a bit, and he ended up getting 8 stitches the next day.. which explains the big bandage in the picture above. Pretty cool battle wound if you ask me.. or him. Sorry Adam! Thanks for not suing us!

TOMS. Buy a pair, and another pair is given to a child in Africa. So i bought a pair. I feel good buying them and they look good on my feet! Jacob and I are big supporters. So we take pictures with the TOMS flag, and put it on the website.

I LOVE premiere! We had just gotten our shirts, so we all wore em to school! I guess Sapakie didn't want to.. It couldn't be because it is a v-neck with a pink peacock feather on it, could it?
Anyway, my choirs are my favorite part of the school day. We are all so close, and it is sooo great to sing and perform with these girls! I love chorale soo much too, but don't have a picture for that one. Some good news: I tried out (with intentions of not making it at all) for Encore (advanced mixed jazz group) and MADE it! I was jumping for joy! But i will dearly miss the sisterhood of Premiere, and the lame jokes of Mr. Sapakie.

Halloween. Forevvver ago. But I love my costume, so I had to post. I was Gilly. If you don't know who she is, please look her up on Also, Skyler was a great ketchup, Cole was a terrific Alfalfa, and Derek with Ashley and Cash were amazing as characters from Yo Gabba Gabba (Cash's favorite show).

This was the day of my 17th birthday. It was a very amazing day!! I got lots of cute presents, and yummy perfume, and my dear mother made these scrumpteoulescent cherry cheesecakes. But I don't think i am very excited about growing up.. Sorry this is all underlined, i don't know how to fix it, and i just give up.

Ok, no more underlined? Weird. Anyway, that was a very confusing post. Maybe I will keep whoever reads this blog updated with more organized posts.

One more thing. My sweet peas that i planted are in blossom and it's tremendous. I love their smell! I love how they look! i LOVE them! Plus, they are perfect "i hope you have a good day" gifts.

So everyone: Have a good day!! Breathe the amazing Spring air and be HAPPY! and Hakuna Matata!