Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life is Life and I Like It

Life is wonderful.
Just to name a few things..

I own a Jeep (officially paid off as of tonight :)).
Raddest wheels on the road.

I love my ward friends.
We have fun in California, Mexico, Flagstaff, and Mesa.

I love the prodigy artists in the classes I get to teach.
Seriously... a 6 year old drew this!

I love seeing my parents walk along the beach.
How am I so blessed to be raised by them?

Oh.. and this guy comes home exactly a week from today!!!

 Sometimes he writes haikus in his letters.
Here's my favorite from a couple of weeks ago.

Four short weeks we'll see
It won't be too long until
You and I are we!

So basically:
The Holidays are coming up, the weather is cooling down.
I'm rereading the Harry Potter books, I'm obsessed with my family.
Cole is learning the ukulele, two of my sisters are gonna have babies! (Candace & Tami <3>
This semester is winding down, and I get hugs from my recess kids everyday.
Institute inspires me more and more every week, with the words of our Living Prophets.
Scholarship money is such a blessing, and Jacob comes home.

I can't see how my future could look any brighter than it does right now :)
(And that's saying a lot because my present is already pretty bright).


Natalie said...

wowie your life seems amazing right now! teaching! car! jacob!!! i want to see you when i'm home for thanksgiving.

Shauna said...

love this post. you should really consider posting more than twice a year. the title is even cute! that haiku is perfect. one week!!!!

jamiebarazoto said...

woop. love that haiku! just taught them to my kids this week. how exciting!! your family is pretty cool, too.

Haylee Freeman said...

Ah I love this post! Seriously this is the best time of the year and for you, my dear, it will be especially exciting and happy. I can't wait for updates! <3

Haylee Freeman said...
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