Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mission Accomplished

It's impossible to win these guys hearts over with hugs and kisses

Especially when they have such a cool uncle that plays video games 24/7

Til this beauty came along

 I've been in a Children's Literature class this semester and let's just say it's changed my life.

Somehow, I'm gonna be a Children's author and illustrator.

At least for my own children!

Anyway, I whipped out this old book from my childhood, remembering that it taught me absolutely nothing and it was straight up weird and hilarious.

Max and Briant are my closest in proximity nephews. But like I said, not so close at heart. Not their fault really, I should have known little boys don't want hugs and kisses from their aunts! That only works with the nieces.

I was getting closer to winning them over when I played speed in basketball with them. But they kept beating me so I knew that had to end.

They were over one night, and I started reading this to them.

They scoffed at all the silly situations, laughed at the ridiculous voices I used, and were sucked in to say the least.

We finished the book in two visits, despite my aching voice from reading so much. I kept trying to stop but they begged me to keep reading!

And that's when I felt that rush of joy teachers keep telling me about; to see kids grasping knowledge and loving it.

This book may not be a nonfiction documentary or whatever, but stories are wonderful. And how are kids supposed to learn to love reading unless they start with something they like?!

The cherry on top: I even got TWO hugs from Max that night! Sincere hugs without force on my part...

So moral of the story: read this to your children.
Unless you're one of my sisters, then wait for me to get to read it to them please!


jamiebarazoto said...

i love that book! i read it to my class this year and they love it. it's so ridiculous!

Shauna said...

I think that needs to be Owen's next book project book. You're quite an amazing auntie and your future kids are lucky. I LOVE when kids get into a books. I think that has happened about once over here but it was marvelous. And I didn't care that I got a hoarse voice (read the whole thing on a drive to AZ).

Piter Gordon said...

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brentanderrin said...

LOVED every one of those books!!! I want to hear more about this class!!! (: xoxo